This province is situated in a wide area in the centre of Iran plateau, which is 104,650 km2. and has a population of 3,774,204 (1992). Zayandeh Rud, which is the greatest and the most famous river in the centre of Iran, irrigates most of the agricultural lands, from west to east of this province, from Zardkuh to Batlaq-e-Gavkhuni (Marsh).

Esfahan is counted as one of the richest provinces in Iran, due to having many tourists visiting the monuments which are remained from different periods. Most of these historical places are from the Saljuq and Safavid periods. Moreover the historical monuments, Zayandeh Rud is another tourist attraction place. Esfahan Province having the highest rate of occupation in industry, is known as an industrial centre in Iran. Rapid development of industry in this province makes it the greatest industrial centre in the country. The most important industries and industrial centres of Esfahan are as follows: Mobarakeh Steel factory, Steel Mill, Refinery, Defensive industries, Medicine manufacturing factory, Polyacryl factory, textile and weaving industries and handicraft sites etc....

Esfahan is one of the cities which its history and precedence reaches the history of Iron and has been one of the greatest and the in iron in various periods. It was a habitable city which later became the summer residential place for Achaemenid. In Parthian and Sasanid periods, has been the centre of a great province for more than 900 years. This city was conquered by Islamic army in 20 A.H. (640 A.D.). Islamic art and civilisation gradually developed and buildings with Islamic architecture were constructed. Esfahan city with an area of 250 km, elevation of 1575 m. and a population of 1, 159,102 (1992), is the centre of Esfahan Province, which is situated on the eastern slopes of Zagros on the northern and southern banks of Zayandeh Rud. The International Airport of Esfahan, is located in north east of the city at a distance of 35 km which has daily and weekly flights to other cities and countries. It is 335 km to Tehran by air.