This province is located in south of Iran and is counted as one of the most famous provinces. This vast land is of the oldest civilisation centres and was the capital for Iranian kings for centuries. Two great Pre-Islamic kings, Cyrus the Great and Ardashir-e-Babakan were from this land. Cyrus the Great was founder of Achaemenid dynasty (kings of this dynasty reigned over Iran for 219 years) and were overthrown by Alexander the Great and Seleucus 1 and his son (311 B.C.), tried to bring the Greek civilisation to Iran and constructed cities in Fars (Pars). At the same time local Iranian governments came to power in the central part of Pars in Estakhr area.

Although Fars was a part of Seleucids Empire, till Antiochus IV period, but soon after his death (164 B.C.) it began to separate. Parthians conquered the central part of Seleucids government and in this way Pars become independent. Splendid and important monuments are remained from different dynasties in this province, such as: Takht-e-Jamshid (Persepolls), Pasargad, Naqsh-e-Rostam, Ka'aba Zardusht, Sarvestan Palace, Shahpur Cave, Shahpur City (Bishapur), Band-e-Amir (Dam), Vakil Bazaar and Ark-e-Vakil Mosque. Fars Province with an area of 126,489 km2, is counted as one of the well-known and important provinces in Iran for industry, agriculture and handicrafts (especially inlaying) and has over 250 industrial sites.


Shiraz is perhaps one of the most attractive of all Iranian cities. It it situsted in 919 KM south of Tehran. Although there is deluxe bus and train service, it is recommended to take an hour flight from Tehran to get to Shiraz. Because of its altitude, 1600 meters (5000 feet) the climate is very agreeable, a mild winter and bearable heat in summer.

Shiraz has always been the center of art and literature in the Middle East. One of the oldest universities dating back to the 7th Century and tomb of the greatest poets and philosophers have been located in this city.

Shiraz, was the capital for sometime and is well-known and famous for poets such as: Sa'di and Hafez who lived and died there. Most of the tourists who travelled through this city wrote a lot about it. It is believed that Shiraz is habitable, beautiful, centre of science and civilisation with pleasant weather and good nature people. Shiraz, with an area of over 220 km2, is the centre of Fars Province and is located in a green plain, at the foot of Allah-o-Akbar Mountain, at an elevation of 154Om. There is an international airport with daily and weekly flights to the other cities and the countries in southern margin of Persian Gulf.

Bagh-e-Eram (Garden) was built by the order of Nasirolmolk-e-Shirazi. There is a three storey building in the middle of this garden, which from architecture, painting engraving, tile working and architrave points of view is counted as one of the most magnificent monuments of the Qajar period.
General view of ancient palaces of Achaemenid, which are one of the most magnificent monuments in Iran and architectural masterpieces of the ancient world. Takht-e-Jamshid (Perspolis) was built during the reign of Darius by his order in 514 B.C. This collection consists of Apadana, Sad Sotun, Seh Darvazeh, Mirror Xerxes and Southern Palaces.
Ka'aba Zardosht in Naqsh-e-Rostam is a white stony construction which is one of the mausoleums of the Achaemenid. Some people believe that Avesta Book and other religious writings were kept here.
Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad-e-Shirazi known as Hafez because he knew Koran by heart, lived in the 8th century A.H. (14th century A.D.). Mausoleum of Hafez is one of the most interesting places in Shiraz.